Two women preparing iftar

Unpacking beliefs, habits & behaviors during one of the biggest holidays of the year; Ramadan

“How is it that in an industry that celebrates every obscure holiday, we somehow miss the biggest cultural celebration for the Muslim community? We think it’s twofold – marketers don’t understand the holiday and (shocker) they are kinda afraid to ask…”

This is the first paragraph of the beautifully designed report “The Mojo Ramadan Report” a report by Mojo Supermarket, aimed to help the rest of the marketing world get to know their culture better.

42% state that Ramadan is a time of love and unity for their community. This feeling of fulfilment, love, and connection with one another is an intrinsic part of the practice for many. Whether through community meals, prayer gatherings, or simply supporting each other through daily challenges, they are showing the world the true power of togetherness.

In our individualistic society, in which we feel increasingly disconnected from each other and society, (religious) traditions around love and unity are likely to become more important and valued. Highly recommended to read about the report here and get some ideas on how to be relevant during this holy month. Here are already two of them:

“I’d love to see brands make their products and services appeal specifically to Muslims and what we go through. Where’s Uber Eats and Beyond Meat at?” – Noor

“Add value to our life. Don’t just try to sell us something. Love to see sports brands like Nike or Peloton create programming just for us during Ramadan.” – Omar