nokia repair phone

Nokia launches a DIY repairable phone

In the wake of modular repair-friendly phone brand Fairphone, Nokia has also launched a new budget phone with easily repairable parts. HMD Global, which creates phones under the Nokia brand, has collaborated with global repair community iFixit to enable users to easily access repair guides, tools and affordable replacements for damaged or worn-out parts. A notable addition is that repairs done according to the repair guidelines will not void your warranty either, taking away an important barrier to DIY repairs.

These phones signalize a shift towards a more durable attitude towards electronics. Recently, the EU has pushed for more strict ‘Right to Repair’ laws, attempting to break the monopoly on repair that many tech companies used to have and allowing consumers more durability on their electronics.

This sentiment is embraced by many as 77% of EU consumers would rather repair their goods than buy new ones. It will be interesting to see if this product trend will spread to other consumer electronics in the future and shift the paradigm from replace to repair.