Sparkling TEA

Beauty & beverages in the mix

Drink your way to a balanced gut, a relaxed mind, a clearer mind, or even brighter skin. These claims, which you might recognise from food supplements and topical skin-care products, are increasingly made by brands selling “functional beverages”.

This label has been used for decades and refers to drinks designed to have effects beyond taste, from energy drinks to vitamin-infused water. However, what’s new is an increasing alignment with the non-alcoholic category, tapping into the wishes of a conscious young generation.

Young people in Australia, the UK, Nordic countries and North America have, on average, been drinking significantly less alcohol than their parents at a similar age. Researchers found two main reasons for this decline: uncertainty and worry about the future, and concern about health.

At Trendsactive we see Generation Z already making conscious decisions in order to make it in this ever-changing world. Offering them an alternative to alcohol (in creatively designed cans) fits their lifestyles perfectly, especially if it even (claims) to enhance their capabilities. Although research to date can’t really prove the claims, the market seems to be booming.