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Rise of a new artisan economy

Every year, companies spend billions of euros on advertising, bombarding us with thousands of stimuli per day. They share information with us, hoping to “help” us choose the right product.

This constant stimulation has lead us into a consumerist society that thrives on making us feel inadequate and uncertain. Constant reminders of what we lack is a powerful marketing tool to get you to buy something. However, once you buy a new shirt, soon there will be another trend that you’ll ‘need’ in order to keep up with the trends. It’s a vicious cycle that leads to a feeling of emptiness.

The awareness that we and the environment cannot keep up with this continuous cycle of new gadgets, clothing etc. fuels the reliving of artisanal life. Artisanal living is all about living a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle, centred around traditional crafts and skills. It values quality over quantity and encourages people to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the world around them.

What if brands would promote artisanal living tailored around the appreciation of what we have instead of a constantly changing image of what we’ll most likely never become? At least… not through buying products.