De-influencing; the why behind TikTok’s latest hype

Instead of recommending to viewers what to buy, TikTok influencers are increasingly telling their viewers what not to spend their money on. What’s behind this trend? Looking at Generation Z, they are increasingly fed up with influencers and brands that portray a picture perfect image. Instead, they opt for the authentic, which is often messier, but at least real.

Influencers are often sponsored to promote products, but viewers are now savvy enough to know that influencers may not be honest about the negative aspects of a product. However, when an influencer does express a negative opinion, it makes them more trustworthy and authentic. This proves they aren’t simply promoting the product because they’ve been paid to do so. By collaborating with de-influencers who are willing to express both positive and negative opinions, brands can build trust with their audience. Are you ready to take the leap and work with a de-influencer even if that means that they might reveal something negative about your product?