Het concertgebouw amsterdam

Classical study concerts to attract students

How to Get Youth Interested in Classical Music? Classical concert venues have been struggling to attract young generations for a long time. However, Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam has come up with a smart initiative to engage young people by using the Vivaldi effect to improve studying.

Everyone up to 35 years old is invited to study at the concert hall in Amsterdam while professional classical musicians play music that is geared towards optimal study performance: a combination of lofi beats and free improvisation inspired by classical music, minimal music, and soundscapes.

Music is magical and has the potential to boost our concentration, mindset, and performance. Research has shown that background music, including the widely researched classical genre, can improve performance on cognitive tasks such as spatial or verbal ability tests for short periods of time. The Concertgebouw understands how to match their core competence in classical music to the needs of their target audience in achieving their study goals. Brava Het Concertgebouw!