Child using phone of parent to play with

What does Gen Alpha do on social media?

Despite being too young to have their own accounts on social media, 79% of Millennial parents say their children are social media users of one platform or another.

An American survey shows that Gen Alpha’s prominence on social media is mainly because of entertainment and education, explaining why Youtube tops the charts (45% of Millennials parents say their child browses Youtube) followed by TikTok with 34%. Kids usually switch from YouTube to TikTok around age 10, according to different research.

These figures are indicative of a generation that is molded by social media platforms and essentially remember no world without digital content hubs where they can escape for their daily entertainment. No wonder research found that by the age of two (!), Gen Alpha generally masters touchscreen and can easily navigate through various apps on smartphones, something which took their predecessors years. 

It is interesting to have a careful look into the formative years of a new generation and the environment that will form them, even though it is far too early to tell how it will eventually end up shaping this new generation and its defining characteristics.