Heinz tomato ketchup .

How Heinz recruited brand ambassadors through tips

Ketchup brand Heinz prefers to be the golden standard in every cafeteria, restaurant, eatery or wherever food is served. This is not surprising for any condiment brand out there. But paying your customers to make it happen is. Heinz decided the best way to have establishments change their ketchup to Heinz is to have customers tell them they should. Whenever people added a $1 tip called ‘tip for heinz’ on top of their regular tip (America), they could send the receipt to Heinz to have the tip(s), and sometimes even the whole bill, reimbursed. 

The brand ended up paying for $125.000 dollars worth of tips and provided a free year’s supply of ketchup to the first 10 restaurants that made the switch to Heinz. All in all, a clever way to let your customers argue your case and save everyone some money in the process.