Edelman publishes Trust Barometer 2023

Last week Edelman published its 2023 trust barometer. This yearly global survey polled over 32.000 people across 28 countries, examining how much trust people have in several institutions or others. The theme this year was ‘navigating in a polarized world’ and some key insights that caught our eye:

  • 65% of people surveyed say the lack of civility and mutual respect today is the worst they have ever seen and 62% say the social fabric that once held their country together has grown too weak to serve as a foundation for unity and common purpose.
  • Businesses as an institution have increased its ethics score for the third straight year, rising 20 points since 2020. It is the only institution viewed as both competent and ethical.
  • Economic optimism drops: 40% of global respondents say they and their families will be better off in five years — a 10-point decline from 2022.

But definitely make sure to check it out yourself here! (free download)