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How Valentines celebrations are changing

You couldn’t miss out on it; Valentine’s Day. As a tradition many brands tapped into the commercial day, celebrating love. However, the definition of what kind of love we celebrate has been broadened. Instead of focusing on the traditional romantic relationship between two people, increasingly, brands focus on singles as well (self-love). And with so many people staying single lately, it makes sense. 

The Australian sustainable toilet paper brand ‘Who Gives A Crap’ went for an anti-valentine message. People were encouraged to send love letters of their exes to the brand, who then upcycled them into toilet rolls, essentially flushing away those bad memories.

Research shows that by 2060, half of Europe’s population will be single, partly due to the ageing population, and partly to the fact that many young people choose to remain single, or have problems finding the right partner. With this trend in mind, we’re curious if the message of what we celebrate during valentines’ day will change as well. Let’s see who else will hop on the anti-valentines wagon next year.