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Concert ticket enables people to burst their musical bubble

When was the last time you did something for the first time? With so much of what we plan to do or buy happening online in our personalized algorithm bubble, we are likely to end up with experiences and products that are in line with what we already know. This makes it harder to surprise ourselves and really discover something new.

In a bid to get people to take a dive into new experiences, event organization Live Nation has released ‘Shuffle Tickets’ in Sweden. You buy a concert ticket but the destination and concert are yet unknown…. What you do know is that the ticket will grant you access to a concert in Stockholm, Gothenburg, or Malmö on a specific date. 

It’s a great way to support people in breaking out of their own musical bubble, but also to offer people a chance to be surrounded by a different musical crowd.

How can you make it easier for people to try out new experiences that support them in breaking out of their comfortable bubbles?