croissant meeting

Why you want to eat breakfast with a stranger

How often do you interact with strangers? Just for fun, without expecting something in return. No coffee, groceries, romantic affection or job opportunity? Just a real, genuine interaction with someone unknown. 

With that idea in mind, the social app ‘The Breakfast‘ was conceptualized. The minds behind the app, Etiri and Lisa, wanted to bring people together, not around dating or networking but focused on genuine in-person interactions.

The concept is pretty simple, every day the Breakfast introduces you to someone new and awesome. You will then meet over breakfast (organized by the Breakfast). You only get one opportunity to take a chance on someone new, it’s not about swiping it’s about showing up.

Although the concept is easy, the benefits of participating can be big. One of the perks identified by psychologists is that talking to strangers (compared with interactions with family or close friends), is more likely to provide us with opportunities, such as a chance to learn broader skills, or a starting point for beneficial exchange or extension of one’s social network.

Especially in times when we seem to avoid most of the spontaneous interactions with others, being on our phone, listening to podcasts or music on our way home, and checking out our own groceries, meeting strangers can be refreshing as it opens up our worlds and perspectives.

So… croissant anyone?