We are in the midst of the festive season where we set out to buy our loved ones a lot of presents. And even though we often say we “don’t need anything”, some studies show why we sometimes do need it. One study for example looked at attachment theory in relation to people’s tendency to buy new stuff and gather free stuff. The study found that people who had an anxious attachment style – typically associated with a fear of loneliness and abandonment – were more likely to find comfort in their possessions and also were more likely to excessively acquire objects in general. The researchers said that objects could be seen as a substitute for interpersonal attachment.

So don’t forget that presents aren’t just products that you give people, they symbolize the connection between you and the person you give it to. So whether you’re picking out Christmas packages for your employees or presents for your family, think about how you can create something truly meaningful that represents the bond between you and the receiver. After all, it’s not just stuff.