welcome to the metaverse

What do people actually want from the metaverse?

The metaverse. It has been one of the most hyped (and mocked) technological developments of the last year(s). But even though it has taken such a front seat in tech discourse worldwide, no one has actually managed to create a metaverse with a mainstream appeal (yet). That’s why it is interesting to look at what – exactly – it is that people would want out of the metaverse. And that’s exactly what a recent YouGov poll looked into. 

The survey (conducted in the UK and the US) surprisingly found that the most popular feature was (digital) travel, with ‘visiting a destination I’d like to visit in real life’ appealing to one in five people. 

Following travel, more expected features followed like meeting with friends or playing video games. If you want to join the metaverse hype train (or are just curious), check out the full results here.