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Optimism in Cop27 drops to a low

The famous climate summit Cop27, where world leaders meet to discuss solutions to combat climate change, is currently taking place. Technically speaking, putting most of the powerful people from around the world in a room could lead to significant action, yet most people are sceptical. A recent British poll found that only 11% of people thought it very likely (1%) or fairly likely (10%) that progress will be made. A 4% drop from Cop26 last year. 

This finding is illustrative of the lack of trust people have in world leaders to change the tide regarding climate change. The poll also asked which measures need to be taken to address climate change, and the results seem to indicate a big responsibility for brands. The highest scoring answer was ‘the development of cleaner and more environmentally friendly technologies’, followed by ‘companies and corporations promoting more environmentally friendly practices’. This matches with a recent finding that a majority of people (52%) worldwide think businesses are not (yet) doing enough to combat climate change.

From what it seems, people are increasingly looking towards businesses to step up and take on climate change, as they are not confident in the willingness or capability of governments to lead the charge.