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Mindfulness (toys) for kids

Mindfulness and meditation are popular modern tools to handle busy days, and stress, to relax or regulate emotions. As traditional religion fades and the need for alternative forms of spirituality is rising (especially among young people), demand for new stuff arises. Whereas normally this meditation is reserved for Buddhists and busy urban millennial moms, the benefits are rapidly acknowledged for almost everyone. Cue meditation toys for kids. 

Fisher-price created a meditation mouse suited for kids as young as 2 years old. It comes with three functions that introduce children to meditation through physical tasks and breathing exercises during the day, evening and night. But it’s not just this example, recently there has been a surge in toys that include mental benefits, like fiddle toys, games that help children express their emotions, therapeutic coloring books, meditation card games, and much more. These developments are predictive of a generation of children that are made aware of (the importance of) their mental health at a very young age. So it seems likely that mental wellbeing is only going to become an even bigger theme in the lives of future adults.