Last year, more adults than ever participated in “Dry January”; 35% of legal-age adults in the U.S. had decided to cut alcohol for that month (compared to 21% in 2019). A similar trend can be found in the U.K. Grocery chain Tesco reported that sales of low- or no-alcohol beverages were up 15% year-on-year in January 2022.

And just as Christmas seems to come around earlier and earlier each year, “Dry January” seems to be as well. Sales of alcohol-free wine, beer, and spirits were up 39%, 20%, and 100%, respectively, over Thanksgiving weekend, according to research by Drizly’s 2022.

With so many attractive alternatives to alcohol, think about drinks that give you the same type of fuzzy feeling without the alcohol (or any other harmful ingredients) and that often come in beautifully designed bottles; we’re not surprised people get high on these non-alcoholic drinks. Looking for a hangover-free holiday? Find some inspiration here at The New Bar.