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Deliveroo publishes a one-star review cookbook

A delivery meal is only as good as how it is delivered. That’s why meal delivery service Deliveroo published a tongue-in-cheek cookbook to bring some notorious one-star reviews to life. The book contains innovative fusion recipes like ‘Stairway dropped Birthday Cake and Sushi Gem Fusion’ or ‘Pothole-reimagined Moussaka Served Sideways on Fine Paper Napkins’. These recipes are obviously not meant to be followed but serve to show that these are the kinds of ‘fusion’ recipes the platform likes to avoid with their high service standard. 

Sometimes criticism is the best ammunition to signal your values and inspire your marketing (for example, Ace & Tate addressed their biggest mistakes in a blogpost). Reframing the bad things about your brand, instead of denying them, can convey a more human, lighthearted brand image. So ask yourself, how can you reframe your biggest ‘one-start reviews’?