Freely Organic Juice packaging.001

Bottle design provokes creative play?

Between 1975 and 2008, the number of products in the average supermarket swelled from an average of 8,948 to almost 47,000. The result? Brands do not only compete for sales but also just to be noticed among the ocean of different products and flashy labels. The often-repeated mantra that ‘attention is the new currency’ rings true in much of modern brand building. One way to create an edge is to have an interactive and playful element in your design, similar to what Chocomel does every year around the holidays.

Another great example of adding more layers to packaging design is the juice brand Freely Organic which is designing smart packaging in order to boost the creativity of children. Different motives on the bottles can be used as building blocks allowing this young target group to create faces by stacking the bottles and playing with them freely (no pun intended).