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A very annoying museum, you’ve been warned

Digitalisation made it crucial to develop new customer service experiences, especially during the pandemic. According to McKinsey, 43% of consumers have switched to digital channels due to convenience and availability. 

Even though every big company nowadays has marketing, UX and communication teams working to provide the best experience, 56% of customers say a brand’s service doesn‘t match the image they portray and most people can recall several extremely frustrating customer experiences. 

The ‘Museum of Annoying Experiences’ is a new online art installation delivering the thought experiment of living in the year 3000 and taking a retrospective look at annoying customer experiences nowadays.

For example brands have to ask for permission before sending out their marketing material. As a result, monstrous sentences like “Don’t check the box to preemptively unsubscribe from our newsletter“ are constructed, which of course leads to confusion and frustration.

Life is complex and attention spans are short these days, so your customers will value simplicity! To put it into the words of author Kate Zabresskie, “customers‘ perception has to be your reality as a creator of experiences”.

Check out their website for more frustrating examples!