Gen Z party

Adidas’ Gen Z proof birthday party

For the 50th birthday of the brand, Adidas Originals hosted a pop-up party “A sartorial city in Berlin, which was dedicated to defining the new age of originality. Instead of the usual polished and overly-curated brand event, Adidas had some fun with their branding and the concept of authenticity in general. Many of the props that were made for the event used ‘cheap’ designs reminiscent of shady jewellery stores or generic pizza box visuals. An approach that is sure to resonate with Generation Z as they are rejecting Millennials’ habit of curated perfection in favour of messy realness

Visitors could also design T-Shirts, which were then printed by a robot. Involving people in the creation process, especially in product design, can be great to increase brand engagement. Not only are people more likely to attach more value to things they’ve created themselves, but it also increases the likelihood that people will share their creations online. What will your upcoming co-created birthday party look like?