Barilla passive cooking guide tool image hand with tool

This passive cooking guide saves you money and CO2

Pasta brand Barilla has shared a useful guide to enable people to use ‘passive cooking’ to prepare their pasta dishes. This guide explains how preparing pasta only needs about 2 minutes of cooking time, after which you turn the heat off and put the lid on to let the pasta cook passively for the remainder of the preparation time. 

And while 75% of people are planning to use less heating this winter, and over two-thirds (69%) are feeling more worried about their ability to stay warm and healthy compared to last winter (British poll), the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Besides, it’s also better for the environment. This is a great case of a brand tending to the needs of people in a concrete, actionable way. It’s not necessarily ‘sexy’, but it could definitely make a tangible difference.

Image credits: Barilla