Although we’re witnessing a rapidly secularizing society, the need for spirituality remains vivid. For younger generations, spirituality takes on a more individual approach in the form of yoga, meditation, tarot card reading and more recently… sacred drinking???

SnaxShot, a newsletter on upcoming food and beverage trends, recently shared several sacred spirits that entered the market. Drinks, like DayseHoly WaterHohlywaterBASBAS, and Lunea Sparkling claim to be able to provide people with a “spiritual uplift”. Others are tapping more into religious rituals around drinking and eating. Take True Vine, ​​a company that sells prefilled communion cups, offer unleavened and gluten-free options for the wafer and THC-infused ones as well.

These are just some examples out of the many in which young generations satisfy their hunger for instant gratification, in this case for spirituality. However, achieving nirvana in the sip of a drink might be a bit too much of wishful thinking ;).