Buy authentic travel experiences with green behavior

Buy authentic travel experiences with “green” behavior

In a bid to mitigate the environmental impact of tourists on the fragile ecosystem of Palau, the Islanders came up with an interesting program: the ‘good traveller’ incentive. 

Typically money would buy you special tourist experiences on the island. Instead tourists that treat the island in a responsible and sustainable way, collect points which they can use to exclusively unlock special experiences that are normally reserved for locals only. Ways to earn points are using reef-safe sunscreen or buying sustainably sourced local foods. In turn, you can use your points to unlock experiences like trips to locally known secret spots, eating with locals or even attending special ceremonies that are normally off-limits to outsiders.

In a world where both the need for climate action and the appeal of authentic, ‘off the beaten track’ holidays is only increasing, the Palauans have found a way to play into both these needs. But this principle also goes for brands. Even though many people are worried about climate change, this often does not translate into actual purchasing decisions. So if you are, for example, trying to positively impact the climate, which need can you leverage to convince consumers?