Youtube report 2022

Personalization & the loss of ‘watercooler discourse’ (Youtube trend report)

One of the most interesting insights of Youtube’s ‘Culture & Trends Report 2022’ is the effect of hyper-individualization on popular culture. When people increasingly watch algorithm-driven, personal recommendations we lose common cultural ground with the people around us. Simply put, the odds of us being able to connect with a random stranger over a shared interest decreases (the so-called watercooler discourse). As a matter of fact, 55% of Generation Z say they watch content that no one they know personally is interested in. 

This shift is not only overwhelming for people but also for brands, or anyone trying to keep track of culture. Because culture in a sense becomes so fragmented, it appears “unknowable”. This makes it very tricky to determine when something is a sign of a cultural shift or just a hype that will be replaced as fast as it appeared.

Want to read more about the trends Youtube found, along with some interesting stats? Read the report here.