font affects feelings

How fonts affect our feelings

Even though designers are often convinced that certain decisions make a difference, yet in many cases they have no hard data to back it up. That is why font platform Monotype partnered up with applied neuroscience company Neurons to explore the effect that fonts have on people’s feelings.

The collaboration resulted in interesting research in which they tested the effects of several fonts among 400 participants. In the report you can see that simply putting words and slogans into a different font, leads to some surprisingly big differences in perception among people.

For example, a bold and round font can lead to a 5% increase in how honest participants felt a slogan was, while an expressive serif font leads to a 13% increase in people’s judgement of relevance, a 10% increase in how memorable it was, and a 9% increase in trustworthiness.

If you are into design and/or branding (or just curious about how your current branding resonates with people), definitely check out the report here!