big boys cry

Big boys do cry:
reaching men around mental health

Talking about feelings is the domain of nagging women, not of macho men. Although this might seem to be an outdated assumption, many men still don’t speak up about their feelings. So how do you reach men around mental health issues?

The nonprofit Sounds of Saving focuses on the link between music and better mental health. The right song can affect our psychobiological stress system and create feelings of motivation, happiness and relaxation. Therefore they dropped thousands of free vinyl records around public parks in New York City during the National Suicide Awareness Month. The vinyl records were created together with musicians that experienced mental issues themselves. In this way, they raised awareness and gave people a tool to ease their minds.

Even though men are expanding the definition of masculinity by taking on traditionally feminine values and roles, there still exists a taboo when it comes to talking about mental health for men. Projects like these are therefore a good way to break the taboo in a sincere way and appeal to those who might be harder to reach.