appreaciate life add meaning

Adding meaning to your life never looked so easy

Much research is done into what exactly makes for a meaningful life. A meaningful life essentially means linking the biological reality of life to a symbolic interpretation or meaning. Previous studies have identified several key aspects that add to a meaningful life: a sense of coherence (feeling that life makes sense and fits together in an understandable way), purpose (a life driven by valued goals), and significance (the sense that our life is worth living and that life has inherent value). 

But a recent study suggests an even more simple way to generate meaning: simply appreciating the moment. Researchers argue that taking a moment to appreciate one’s experiences and the beauty of life anchors people in the value of the present moment, thereby providing a sense of meaning. Even though this aspect of a meaningful life feels rather ‘small’ compared to earlier mentioned aspects, that might actually be good news. It means that you can easily apply this tip in everyday life. So are you missing some meaning in your life recently? Try taking a second to find the beauty in some of the more insignificant experiences of your day.