samsoe & samsoe resell label

Does Gen Z see fashion as an asset?

Fashion brand SAMSOE & SAMSOE taps into the popularity of marketplaces like Vinted. The brand enables customers to resell their products by giving you all the info needed through a QR code, such as measurements and the original price. This might be a smart move to resonate with Gen Z.

Generation Z’ers are taking their financial future in their own hands, spurred on by finfluencers and investment apps like Robinhood. Vogue reported that Gen Z’s financial literacy and the tools they got offered online are changing how and why they consume luxury goods. According to the magazine, young people are gravitating to high-ticket luxury and streetwear pieces as alternative assets. A report by Highsnobiety underpins Gen Z’s craving for luxury as an asset. With 66% of respondents said to become comfortable owning fewer items, up from 59% last year. Meanwhile, those that say they’re more concerned about quality over quantity have gone up by 50% during the pandemic.

Generation Z could be more interested in high end / qualitative products because of the lasting value and the opportunity to resell. By emphasizing this lasting value (like SAMSOE & SAMSOE) brands might be able to resonate even better with Generation Z.