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Who needs romantic love if you can have material well-being?

What keeps you going and what provides meaning in your life? Pew research asked 19,000 adults in 17 countries for their answers.

To no surprise, family is a top source of meaning in all countries, except Spain, South Korea and Taiwan. What did surprise us, however, is the fact that across all countries, spouses and romantic partners which includes, marriage, dating or romantic love in general, didn’t make it to the top five. Material well-being, however, which was defined as having enough money to live comfortably and afford necessities, was being perceived as a bigger source of meaning and fulfilment in life than romantic partners and spouses and did end up in the top five across most countries. 

Although the family is preeminent for most public, the differences on almost all other topics vary hugely per country. Discover what provides meaning to the people of your country here.