hulu logo created by artists

Hulu lets artists play around with its logo

Most brands are very careful with their brand image. Their visual communication is strictly dictated by a brand book with meticulous rules in how–and often how not–to display official brand communication. In this regard, the most unholy thing to do is gather a bunch of random artists and tell them to have fun with your logo. Yet that is exactly what American streaming service Hulu did, and the result is pretty impressive. 

In an attempt to recreate the vibe of old cable channels (like MTV) that used these creative classic TV idents, it seems they gave several artists freedom to do whatever they like, as long as the clip ended in the Hulu logo. It is refreshing to see a brand ditch its strict branding guidelines in order to facilitate creativity. It is exactly these playful visuals that can make you stand out from the crowd as a brand.

Especially among generation Z, visuals like this resonate very well. In what Kantar describes as ‘messy realness‘, this generation is not looking for a perfectly curated brand picture. Instead, it is looking for raw authenticity. “A desire for real self-expression, freedom and fluidity drives their aesthetic where digital and analogue come together as one.” And this messy realness is perfectly represented in the collection of clips that clearly prioritizes creative expression over coordination and brand guidelines.  

Check out the ‘Hulu IDs’ here!