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Building our lives around work vs building work around our lives?

To many, the flexibility to decide on where and when to work has become increasingly important since the pandemic. 54% would even consider leaving their job post-COVID-19 pandemic if they are not afforded some form of flexibility in where and when they work, besides 33% wanted a shorter working week full-stop. As a result, initiatives pop up that still the hunger of workers for more flexibility.

For example, Roleshare offers people the chance to share a role with someone else. By doing so they tap into people’s wish to sustain career growth while simultaneously being an A-player parent. Besides the employer can benefit from it as well, you get two brains and two skill-sets for the price of one and when one person is on leave, the other can keep projects moving forward.

Also the global hospitality platform Selina answers the growing quest for flexibility. They host accommodations for (o.a.) companies that want to offer their employees outstanding experiences while working remotely at beautiful destinations. Besides they offer co-working spaces for employees to connect with colleagues from all over the world.

Instead of building our lives around our jobs, we’re increasingly building our work around our lives. Facilitating workers in being more flexible in when and where to work might therefore be a big pull factor.