zuinig zeeman

Zeeman embraces its ‘budget’ image with a sustainable twist

‘Zuinig’ is the name of the new line of everyday products launched by budget clothing store Zeeman. In English, it roughly translates to ‘frugal’ and conveys a sense of caution to spend or waste (money). In Dutch, the word generally carries a negative connotation, partially because of the Dutch’s stereotypical trait of being ‘cheap’ that is associated with it. Instead of trying to negate their ‘cheap’ image, the Dutch clothing store–often regarded as (one of) the most budget-friendly places to buy apparel–embraces it. 

The brand notes they see a new generation that does not care about all the (fashion) trends, but instead is concerned about the world around them. “A generation that is careful with resources and does not waste unnecessarily, just like Zeeman.” That is why the brand launched the ‘Zuinig’ line, full of products that help people reduce (plastic) waste, and save money in the process. Even though sustainability is a significant topic among generation Z, whether they are truly as selfless in their actions as portrayed is yet to be seen. 

Remarkable is the unapologetic branding of the word ‘Zuinig’ prominently displayed, along with the definition of it in the style of a dictionary. In the process, they tied the negative meaning of the word with the inspiring sentiment of caring about the planet and our future. And that is exactly how you make your products relevant for new generations while staying true to yourself in the process.