The Chromebook repair program

How Google’s repairing program fits the current zeitgeist 

On a mission to become the go-to laptop for students, Google decides to emphasize the repairability of Chromebooks. Online manufacturer guides are provided to schools that show how to repair the devices, find tools to safely fix them, get replacement parts, find training and get system update access if needed. By teaching schools and students to repair their own laptops, the schools save money, it prevents devices from being discarded prematurely, and it teaches children valuable tech skills. 

The direction of Chromebook’s repairability signals a good understanding of the current times, where recycling, repairing and reusing are gaining in relevance due to increasingly sustainable practices in all industries. Moreover, it paints a strong contrast with competitor Apple, which is notoriously hostile towards consumer repairability and recycling. Last but not least, Google teaches young children very relevant skills that might just spark a passion for a future career. Something that resonates strongly with Generation Z’s make-it-happen attitude and ambitions.