The Avocado Show dish with Avocado

Picture this: Drive
post engagement with
19% with these two factors

Researchers found that brands can improve the number of likes of any given image by about 3% just by applying the appropriate filter to address the issue. Moreover, by optimizing both, feature and design complexity, brands could increase the engagement with their posts by 19%!

Consumers preferred images with some diversity of light and colour, but not too much and not too little. The opposite is true for design complexity. People preferred images that were either very simple or very complex.

Seems like the brains behind the Avocado Show, a restaurant that serves, surprise, avocado dishes, knew this already. The restaurant very clearly empathised on aesthetics and Instagrammability of their dishes and the interior. They facilitated their mainly young customers to create and share the perfect picture of their dish by creating contrasts and playing with complexity. The tables and plates are dark, and the lighting itself is already a perfect filter. These elements make their green complex (looking) avocado dishes look very aesthetic.

People nowadays live in a world with a seemingly infinite amount of factors asking for their attention, yet they only have a finite amount of attention to give. That’s why it’s essential to get it right the first time when you’re trying to reach people with your brand. Knowing the two key ingredients to create a killer of an engaging post, how could you portray your products and services on social?

Image credits: The Avocado Show