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How online lies impact
offline lives

Dare to be Grey is many things; an organization, a campaign, a platform, a movement. Regardless of what we call ourselves, there’s one key element that binds all of these identities together: our mission to elevate the Grey Middle Ground to a higher stage.” And that is exactly what they did in their latest collaboration with ‘Are we Europe’, in the collection of stories called “Online Lies, Offline Lives”. The stories concern topics around conspiracy theories, misinformation, filter bubbles and trolling, and illustrate the real-life consequences that can arise from these online practices. 

The spread of misinformation and decrease in trust is something we at TrendsActive have been looking into for some years and it is very interesting to see initiatives emerge to battle the rise of misinformation and the subsequent polarization it breeds. It is now more relevant than ever. To illustrate: nearly one out of every two people view government and media as divisive forces in society and concerns about fake news being used as a weapon is now at an all-time high among people: 76% (Edelman, 2022). If you’re interested, you can find the articles from the collection here.