de blauwe maandag krant

Combat the Monday blues with this newspaper

It is almost that day of the year again: Blue Monday. Although there is no scientific evidence for the idea that this is the most depressing day of the year, it surely isn’t the most thrilling day for us either. From increased anxiety about the climate crisis, continuous uncertainty about the developments of the pandemic, and struggles to find a healthy work-life balance, maintaining a healthy state of mind is challenging today. 

An initiative that cheers us up is therefore absolutely welcome, Blue Monday or not! De Blauwe Maandag (a.k.a. the Blue Monday) is here to spark some hope. It’s a paper filled with positive content from contributors like Adriaan van Dis, Yvette van Boven, Mister Motley, het Rijksmuseum, and Spinvis. For the second year in a row the initiators, Joost Stokhof and Bas Koopmans, encourage people to share some positiveness by sharing their special, mood-enhancing paper.