Minus is a finite social network where you get 100 posts—for life.

Social medium that let you think twice before posting

On a daily basis, we are flooded with an overwhelming amount of impulses, a significant part of which are from companies, brands and social media platforms competing to grab a hold of our attention. Unable to digest all this information, there exists a growing need for simplicity on these platforms, and for some even society in general. Social media channels like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook aren’t really accommodating in a need for simplicity, to the contrary. Algorithmic feeds, like buttons and endless notifications, attempt to maximize our usage time, only for the purpose of growth and profit.

Many people already try to arm themselves against the overwhelming quantity of impulses by using apps like Offtime and Freedom, which limit your screen time on social media apps. But these solutions don’t tackle the root of the problem, which is the structure of how these platforms are built. That’s where Minus comes in. A new social media platform with a structure that strongly promotes quality over quantity. The feed is reverse chronological instead of algorithmic, there are no likes and followers and nothing is monetized. And most importantly: Every user gets 100 posts. That’s it. Commenting on posts is not limited, so the platform is open for discussion, but people will probably think twice (at least) before posting something on their feed.

Less is more. That’s what Minus preaches. It seems like a fair attempt to reduce the clutter we’re exposed to on a daily basis through the current social media apps. Let’s see if Minus is able to grow an audience like traditional social media.