Elderly playing chest

Remind elderly of their years left, instead of years lived

“As people age, they tend to care more about people and activities that allow them to make the most of the time they have left, to appreciate life, and to savor time,” reports the American Psychological Association. The research suggests that older people respond better to messages that take into account the time they have left, instead of the years they’ve lived.

Researchers explain these findings through the socioemotional selectivity theory (SST). SST states that motivation changes as people get older and start to view their time as limited. Older people become more focused on positive information over negative information. With this in mind, the researchers say older people respond well to messages that encourage them to enjoy the moment.

Brands can become relevant in reflecting what the lives of 65+’ers really look like nowadays. With more time for themselves, a bunch of life experience, and often still in good health, seniors are living their second youth.

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