KFC Gamers Box

KFC draws on gamer nostalgia to enable easy ordering

KFC Middle East has introduced a mechanic on their website that might sound familiar to gamers that lived through the early rise of gaming: cheat codes. By pressing a secret combination of keys on the KFC website, registered users can instantly place an order for their favourite meal. If you pressed the keys without a registered account, it would take you to a secret menu called the Gamer’s Box. 

The promotion uses a combination of incentives to appeal to its customers. Firstly it uses a smart and playful way to order food, making it simply more fun to interact with a brand and purchase their food. On top of that, it creates a ‘secret’ menu for those who are in on it, making it both fun and exclusive. Thirdly, it uses nostalgia by reminding gamers of the times in which gaming was still relatively new and niche. Back in the day, cheat codes used to be much more prevalent in games, compared to modern games. And last but not least, the absolute simplicity of ordering food is sure to save you time and cognitive space you’d rather use for something else. This does not only apply to gamers but basically anyone in today’s busy world.  

Be sure to consider, whenever you’re launching a new product or service: how can I make this fun, reminiscent of simpler times, or time-saving for my customers? Oh and if you were still questioning the merit of initiatives like this, the number of online order bundle combos rose 19% during the campaign period.