gen z'ers working in the office brainstorming together

Why Gen Z wants to go back to the office (partly)

Are we returning to the office full-time? Or do we want to keep working from home most of the time? Research on this topic shows contradictory results. However, most of the research suggests there’s probably more excitement among younger people to head back to the office, compared to older people. For Gen Z, who don’t have the responsibilities of families—and haven’t had the chance to live the working life they thought of and fantasized about during college—the office, as a concept, remains appealing (21.5%).

For Gen Z workers some of the most exciting perks about a job are the company culture, socializing with coworkers, and finding a mentor they really connect with. If these expectations are not met, young workers may struggle to remain engaged, according to research (20.9%) by employee platform Ten Spot.

People are social animals and have a deep need for qualitative connections. Mainly young employees, who already experience loneliness (11.6%), and who might be more dependent on work for social interactions as they don’t have a relationship (11%) yet, the office might be an important place for them to connect with others. We’re very curious to see if, in the future, offices will be designed more with the aim to socialize and connect with colleagues instead of a place to work. 

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