Need to escape a zoom call? Sound the Excuse has your back

Sorry my cat is vomiting, flatmate is stuck in the toilet, kids are fighting, food is getting delivered…
Whatever excuse you need to escape a zoom call, Sound the Excuse has your back.

TBWA\London has partnered with men’s media platform The Book of Man to launch a soundboard in which you can play various sounds in the middle of a boring video call. Which clearly requires you to leave it immediately. 

An escape can be very welcoming as video-conferencing can be exhausting. Research states that looking at your own face on a screen can be bad for self-esteem. Besides, trying to communicate without all the usual nonverbal cues adds to the “cognitive load” for already stressed-out employees.

Although the creators launched Sound the Excuse in the heat of Covid-19, October 2020, it’s still relevant today. The campaign smartly addresses the pressure on our mental health in the aftermath of Covid-19,  by using humor. When done correctly,  brands can really benefit from using humor. At TrendsActive we advise brands to use humor mostly to humanize a brand. It makes your brand more recognizable, approachable, and enables engagement. Besides, laughing has many health benefits, such as reducing stress levels. By using humor, you could say, Sound the Excuse attempts to at least temporarily offer a small solution for the problem that they are addressing.

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