A new era of cinema has arrived

Imagine a cinema in which you are directing the temperature, lights, volume, film being played, the time it’s being played, the people that are in the cinema, and if you want to have a break in between…

Welcome to The(Any)Thing, the first on-demand private cinema. Via an app, film-lovers can book the film of their choice and tailor their experience the way they want to while sitting back in high-quality furniture, surrounded by on-point styling.

At TrendsActive we see this demand for exclusive, tailored experiences strongly represented within the Millennials population. This generation that wants to feel special, prefers experiences over material goods, and is used to having a say in how they want things to happen. IWWIWWIWI (‘I want what I want, when I want it’), that’s the motto. This expectation is something that is further enhancing people’s relation with technology. The(Any)Thing smartly taps into these needs at the time that we’re all craving some immersive experiences outside our own houses.

How can your brand tap into the needs of, mainly millennials, to experience tailored immersive experiences and create a lasting impression?

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