The ‘Brief’ news app: tackling information overload and polarisation

Today, people have access to a near-infinite number of news sources. As a result, problems have arisen within today’s news cycle; including information overload, media bias and algorithms concentrating on engagement over accuracy. That is where ‘Brief’ comes in. Brief is a news app launched last year that condenses and summarises the news in order to tackle some of these problems.

Instead of the abundance of articles offered by some news aggregators, Brief provides just a few, easily digestible, ‘front page’ stories. Allowing users to stay up to date with key developments from around the world in a matter of minutes – hence the app’s name, ‘Brief’.

Perhaps just as important as its efforts to tackle the information overload crisis, Brief also attempts to deal with issues around increased polarisation. Not only does it direct users towards news articles published from elsewhere in the world, it also summarises the key facts, provides context and offers viewpoints from both sides. This comes at a time when many people (36% of young adults) get their news from social media platforms due to its convenience and ease of access. Social media, however, is saturated with misinformation, propaganda and conspiracy theories, providing the optimal feeding ground for polarisation. 

We’re currently working on a new trend in which we tap into the complexities within today’s society, largely magnified by the rise of the internet and social media. To be relevant in today’s society, brands should avoid adding to this complexity by keeping their products and messages clear and concise. Simplicity discourages consumers from seeking out more convenient alternatives, which often lack depth and nuance. 

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