Tech is booming, also among boomers

Throughout the pandemic Boomers have started purchasing new tech at much faster rates than their younger counterparts. Last year they finally joined other age groups in saying their mobile phone is their most important device. Stereotyping this generation as technophobic seems to be something from the past.

What’s different about this generations’ attitudes online, compared to younger generations, is their above-average concern about how companies collect their data. A study from Axios found that older consumers spend more time reading privacy policies before accepting them. They are also more likely to regularly clear their browsing history/cache or to decline cookies on a website. It’s likely that, despite awareness of privacy concerns increasing among all age groups, it is older groups who have the time and willingness to take action to protect their data. Although it’s clear this generation is online as well, currently less than 10% of baby boomers surveyed feel represented in the advertising they see. Making them the least likely generation to think this.

When creating something for people over 57 (the youngest boomers), think about digital (mobile first) solutions as well. This generation is living their third age. Without having to take care of their own kids or a full-time job, with more wisdom, and often still in good mental and physical health, this generation is still willing to learn and explore, also online!

How could you serve Boomers online in a way they recognise themselves (not as technophobic)? And how can you give them a sense of security and control over their own privacy online?