Summer of spontaneity: the Utrecht-made social adventure app

As we’re moving towards the final generations in the vaccination cycle, more and more restrictions are being removed. Young people are getting out into bars and parks to make up for lost time. And something interesting was created to facilitate the revived need to explore and connect.

A new app, recently launched in our home town of Utrecht, allows people to meet up with strangers for spontaneous adventures. ‘Amigos’ consists of a live map of the city, filled with people that are up for various activities, ranging from working out to house parties, or grabbing a drink in the park. You can plan your own events or tag along with an existing initiative.

The timing of the app could not be more perfect, during what is already referred to as the ‘summer of love’ or ‘the roaring twenties’. After being restricted for large parts of the last year, many people are looking for spontaneous adventures, social connections and ways to let themselves go. At the moment the app is only available in Utrecht but after a successful launch, signing up for other cities is currently possible. And with the desire for social adventures currently in hyperdrive — this app might be just what people need this summer.

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