How Gen Z forces the world to go big on green

From Australia to Germany. Younger generations are becoming more impactful in their fight against big polluters.

A few weeks ago we showcased how the pandemic has increased young generations’ impatience for governments and brands to take drastic measures against global warming. And finally Gen Z’s mission for a more sustainable world starts getting some traction.

Recently the constitutional court in Germany created The Federal Climate Change Act after young environmentalist criticized the unfair climate targets. Similar landmark rulings can also be observed in Australia where teenagers fought against the expansion of a coal mine. Although the teenagers lost their bid against the expansion, the court established that the minister has a duty of care to younger children. The duty says the minister must not act in a way that causes future harm of climate change to younger people.

Gen Z are involving the courts to ensure the safety for their future. Going big on green seems to be becoming less of an option and more of an obligation. Making it harder for brands to greenwash. As trust in brands and governments is at an all time low, taking drastic sustainable actions might be a way (if not the only way) for them to (re)build trust among young generations. We’re convinced that the events in Germany and Australia will lead to a chain reaction elsewhere in the world