Dead Happy’s disruptive approach to life insurance

UK life insurer Dead Happy has a creative approach to a service traditionally cloaked in conservative soberness. Instead of the anticipated formal process of filling in form after form, you get a streamlined, lighthearted process. As a matter of fact, they claim it consists of only 4 questions. Additionally, it lets you choose from a collection of genuinely creative events to happen after your death. Among the events are sending stuff (like your ashes) into space, turning your ashes into a diamond ring, have your friends re-live a classic moment or give someone a tattoo. Creating your own customised death wish is also possible.

Even though the website and experiences are presented in a playful way, they are dead serious (pun not intended) about their insurance. As a matter of fact, the philosophy behind Dead Happy is to change attitudes towards death, making it less of a heavy subject and easier to plan for.

What might come to mind are the similarities to Lemonade, another innovative insurer focused on efficiency and transparency. These disruptive companies are generally more popular among younger generations and signal a need for innovation among traditional insurers. According to Lemonade co-founder Daniel Schreiber, 87% of their customers are first time insurance buyers, meaning Lemonade appeals to a young and underserved market. The lighthearted approach conveys a human image. Combine this with a demonstration of how easy—maybe even fun—insurance can be, explains the appeal for younger generations. For brands, there’s much to win in this saturated market. Dead Happy shows how a simplified service, framed in a fun and consistent way and with a transparent and human approach can disrupt this rigid market.