A drink to help you de-stress

There’s a new drink on the market which claims to help reduce stress. And no, we’re not talking about a gin and tonic! ‘Moment’ aims to promote wellness and generate the same feeling as meditation. According to founder, Aisha Chottani, the formulation of functional ingredients is designed to activate the same brain waves meditation does. This helps your body rebalance stress and increases concentration.

The drink is promoted as a gateway to meditation and urges people to ‘take a moment’ away from their busy day to relieve stress. Their SMS-based meditation club stimulates this; daily at 3pm, you are encouraged to take a break and do something relaxing (e.g. listening to the sound of waves).

Covid-19 has really pushed the narrative of mental health and the importance of taking a break. A growing number of non-traditional initiatives are popping up. They are aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing such as mental health gymscounselling apps and short films. Although we’ve been seeing many examples of similar de-stress drinks over the years, the demand for ‘other’ health improvement methods – especially more preventative measures – is booming. Though a soft drink won’t solve all of these problems it could be used to bridge the gap between more robust health-related habits in order to dilute the impact of everyday stressors.