Little boy on the left side of the image and on the right side of the image a straw in ocean

This is what 20 years does to a boy vs a plastic straw

Recently Nescau, Nestlé’s leading brand in the chocolate powdered beverage industry in Brazil, made the switch to paper straws. To bring attention to their efforts, Nescau launched a campaign titled ‘Teodoro’. The campaign compares in a split screen the 20 year journey of a boy and a plastic straw.
While Teodoro goes through many of life’s milestones, the straw remains unchanging. Stuck on a coral reef where it landed 20 years prior. That is until Teodoro dives down and removes the straw. The campaign illustrates Nestlé’s contributions to solve social issues. At the same time highlighting the reality of our actions. From a consumer perspective, switching from plastic straws to paper straws might seem like a small gesture. By highlighting the shared responsibility of brands and consumers to tackle climate change, the campaign might still resonate with consumers.

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